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At Affiliate Crossing, we strive to provide all the services that are necessary for effective marketing and advertising in the digital age. Our experienced management team is fully equipped to maximize results in an affordable and cost-effective manner.


Here are some of the services handled by our creative and committed professionals:

Web Design and Branding

Helping you achieve a world class digital presence. Affiliate Crossing is a leading up ane comer web design firm and digital marketing agency based in Virginia with a sincere focus on you, your brand and customers.

We are a Virginia based professional web designing company. Our Virginia based web designers can offer interactive and highly creative website design services which includes high-class website development, custom web programming from a simple web page to the complex solutions, e-commerce solutions, CMS (Content Management Systems) and search engine friendly and responsive website design. AC aims to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and a commitment to produce best and affordable website designs. We understand that our success depends on your success - that's why the success of your business is our highest priority. We have specialized in designing affordable websites and delivering cost-effective, tailored web sites for individuals and companies not just specific to Virginia but across the USA and overseas. Our web designers have several years of experience in developing website designs that cater to different types of audience and goals.   Read More »

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our Virginia based SEO company offers affordable , professional SEO service to all businesses, big and small. Our Professional SEO experts offer excellent SEO Services that will bring to your site the highest number of potential customers. We are a strong, experienced, motivated and highly professional team of internet marketing executives in Virginia. We use the latest technology in SEO; we are committed to provide qualified SEO Solutions at a very affordable price. We will get you to the top of the Google pages with our affordable SEO service. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and it reflects in our work.   Read More »

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Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of online marketing to increase a website's visibility on search engines via organic search results for targeted keywords. Natural search engine optimisation is a process applied to a website to increase the number of visitors by gaining high rankings on the leading search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO is extremely important for your website, particularly if you are looking for online customers to seek out your product or services.

Your website becomes more search engine friendly and more accessible to search engines SEO helps site owners to meet their various online marketing objectives such as generating leads, sales or simply building awareness

They produce website ranks high, your website becomes much easier to find in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), thus increasing traffic. We can help drive more unique visitors to your website.

Social Media Management Services

Facebook. Twitter. Foursquare. Blogs. Message boards. Every day, people are interacting and sharing information online at a staggering pace. This is great news for businesses – your customers are likely talking about YOU somewhere in the social media landscape. Social media gives companies insight into their customers like never before. If only you could keep track of where they are talking and what they are saying.

Sounds difficult, right? It can be, but it doesn't have to be. Social media management services give you the information you need, with very little work on your part. We have listened to our customers and created a program that will:

Monitor inbound and outbound online conversations about your brand
Streamline the process of gathering information on online conversations
Engage with your customers and potential customers
Assist in building fan/friend bases to create a greater word of mouth
Monitor your brand's online reputation through data collection & analysis
Easily integrate social media with your current marketing strategies for maximum benefit

We make it easy to manage your social media initiatives.   Read More »

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Affiliate Marketing Management / Outsourced Program Management

Affiliate Crossing is a clear force to be reconed with among affiliate marketing companies with our managers having worked with literally hundreds of programs. Our team of seasoned affiliate managers has a proven track record of success in launching new programs and optimizing established programs. With our extensive experience and passion for affiliate marketing, we will turn your program into a long-term, performing revenue source.

The affiliate channel is classified as “performance-based marketing” because of the cost-per-action or lead based model that it employs. Under this model affiliates are rewarded for customers referred to an advertiser’s website through the placement of banners, product feeds, digital rich media and contextual ads. The affiliate marketing channel is uniquely positioned to target an advertiser’s ideal demographic. The ROI of an affiliate campaign is tremendous and represents a large potential revenue stream for eCommerce companies.

We will work with you to clearly understand your goals and structure your affiliate program to achieve your company’s objectives. We only achieve success when your affiliate program is successful. Put our proven track record of success in generating significant revenue for our clients to use and turn your affiliate program into an indispensable revenue source.   Read More »

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Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising drives traffic to your website by placing targeted advertisements on search engines. Upon deciding which keywords to target, your website will appear in a prominent position; often at the very top of the results page when someone searches for that particular term. PPC is extremely targeted and potentially very lucrative, as your potential customers are already searching for what you are offering.

With PPC advertising, you only pay the publisher when a customer clicks on your link and is directed to your website; hence Pay-Per-Click. Ads can be designed in a variety of formats including text, images, and ads for mobiles, and can also be placed across the vast Google Display Network, which incorporates millions of websites.

Affiliate Crossing is a dedicated Pay-Per-Click management agency based in Virginia. We make sure the potential of your Google and Bing PPC campaigns are fully maximized. By making your business's unique objectives a major factor, we tailor your PPC campaigns for your target audience and advise you on which strategies to employ.

Our primary aim is to maximise your Return on Investment; driving the maximum amount of traffic to your site for minimum outlay. Read More »

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Affiliate Crossing has quickly become a highly valued agency partner for Divine Arts. This is a team with strong leadership and expertise in launching, managing, and growing affiliate programs across a wide variety of verticals, and their strategic approach has benefited our advertisers and publishers. Ricky and the rest of the AC team team have been extraordinary in their ability to drive traffic . They are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to building on what is already a strong and successful relationship.

Manu Kaushish - President, Divine Arts

Ricky is the kind of guy you want to do business with. He's very trustworthy and straight-up regarding business. I have known him for several years, and I hold him in the highest regard. I recommend doing business with Ricky if you have the opportunity.

Even Weber - CEO Experience Advertising

In an industry that is constantly changing, it's always good to see familiar faces and friends that not only figure out the secret sauce for continued success, but also those who I continually see at industry conferences year after year. Ricky has always been one of those individuals that has been able to find success in the industry while also helping those around him.

Zac Johnson - President, Money Reign

I first met Rick in early 2008 in the capacity as the Managing Director of Affiliate Venture Group. Being well known in the industry since 1998, considered to be the "go to guy" Rick was hired as a consultant or in our case the Managing Director for our start up network.

Well-respected in the online marketing industry, Rick is considered a social media expert who understands the development of early stage networks and what it takes to get top. Dedicated, knowledgeable and connected to large players in the space which allows Rick to bring in many exclusive offers. I would believe that there isn't anyone who doesn't know Rick.

As a serial entrepreneur who understands the affiliate marketing world inside and out, Rick has made the business his passion, being available literally 24/7 helping affiliates grow as well as the network.. The man never sleeps! Transparency is a number one goal and as our Managing Director Rick created a top-notch network, including top-notch service which trickled down through our team who were readily available making our network considered one of the best.

Experience the difference and give Rick an opportunity to help your business grow.

Deborah Bello

After leaving the mailing to help establish our network, Ricky was one of the first in the industry to welcome me with open arms. Affiliate Crossing was one of my first accounts and Ricky has always been thorough, efficient and attentive to the needs of our network. I've worked with several members of the AC team and along with intelligence and integrity comes a wicked sense of humor that makes the day to day dealings with the team an immense pleasure. Ricky and his team have always been responsive when needs arise and we've always been able to resolve any questions and issues that may occur to the satisfaction of all parties.

The knowledge and expertise brought to the table by the entire team make it a pleasure to work with each and every member. Aside from my simmering hostility over being destroyed repeatedly in Words With Friends by Ricky, my experience with him and his team has been enriching and beneficial for all concerned.

Jennifer Rozario - President, The Click Network

Ricky is one of the most consistent, level-headed professionals in affiliate marketing. Doggedly determined to establish long-term partnerships of value, Mr. Ahuja is esteemed and respected for his ability to create relationships on all sides of the business. His Combination of extreme diligence and moral fortitude makes him one of the preferred partners with whom to work.

Evan Lovett - Magnolia Media, LLC

Firstand10 Marketing has worked with Ricky and his team since 2009 and we have had nothing but positive things to say about them. They are personable, honest, and there on a moments notice- which you rarely find such qualities in this industry. Their wealth of knowledge, experience, and network of contacts make them a huge player in online marketing industry and how they do it. If you have the pleasure of running their offers or having them run yours, you not only learn what will benefit your specific niche, but they make valuable suggestions and recommendations on how to improve your offers and practices. To me, it means that you aren't just another advertiser or publisher in their system, you are an actual company in which they value and help grow. Ricky and the team are truly a remarkable group of people to work with. I have the pleasure of knowing that I can trust my business with them and we will continue to work with AVG for many years to come.

Gina Napolitano - Firstand10 Marketing

It's so amazing refreshing to work with the sincere and professional people over at Affiliate Crossing. I spend a lot of time to find the right people for my online marketing needs and I just knew it was the right thing when I met Ricky and his team. In this world it's rare you stumble upon people who not only gets the job done but also are so friendly and down to earth. I go to Affiliate Crossing for all my online marketing needs before I look anywhere else.

Jan Winum

Ricky & his team have always been a top notch company to work with. Their customer service, level of expertise and innovation has always been at the forefront of our industry. Our businesses continue to grow with each other, as we look forward to much continued success ahead with Affiliate Crossing.

Joy Miskovich - Dudas

I've worked with Ricky for years now and time and time again he's proven himself as an industry leader. I try to surround myself with people such a Ricky – people who have not only characterized virtue and integrity – but have displayed it in their actions. Ricky doesn't wait for things to happen in this business. Instead, he goes out and makes the changes himself. He's an achiever. In an industry with a dark history, Ricky is a shining light that foreshadows a prosperous and honorable future.

Chad French - CEO, PeerFly