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Let us show you the magic we can create when combining traditional search, social media and brand side lead generation to generate massive revenues for your business.

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Affiliate Crossing is proud to offer advertisers cost-effective methods to increase revenue and build your company’s name online. We aim for sales and lead generation on a large scale to develop demand and volume for your services and products through affiliate networking.

Not all affiliate networks can guarantee valid clicks and transparent costs, but our goal is to make sure you are getting the full value of your advertisement budget through legitimate user actions and an optimization of your investment. You only pay for results.

Affiliate Crossing offers advertisers access to customer actions such as information or email address submission, customer purchases, and requests to receive more information about your products or services. These results are specific and provide you with valuable data, leads, and even sales. We take pride in offering a pay-for-performance method that cuts out wastes and reduces your risk.

We are able to provide advertisers with these valuable services because we ensure our affiliates are reputable, compliant, and innovative. We review our affiliates so you know you are advertising through vetted sites. It is important to protect your brand name when you promote your business, and we will only allow experienced affiliates to represent you.