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What happens when great design marries compelling performance? You get Affiliate Crossing and a mint of fresh ideas. At AC, we are passionate about what we do.

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Meet The Team

  • Chris Kautz

    Bringing structure within organized chaos, Chris oversees campaign performance, finance, reporting & compliance for the firm. From financial analysis to fraud mitigation, Chris brings a wealth of experience derived from a multi-faceted and focused career where he has led online marketing efforts and has always been ready to roll up his sleeves to do what needs to be done to accomplish company goals.
    of the Executive Council of Performance Marketing.

    An avid enthusiast of eating and oh not so much exercising, he credits this lifestyle to not only sharp, effective judgment, but also the ability to maintain calm under pressure and directional fortitude.

    On his days off he can be found plucking dandelions from his neighbors yard.

  • Rheya Sahni

    Rheya Sahni began working in the Affiliate Industry in 2010 at a Canadian affiliate network and worked her way up to a Sr. Affiliate Manager. In this role, she proactively reached out to publishers who needed assistance in growing their affiliate business.

    After a few years in Canada, she moved to Affiliate Venture Group which later became Affiliate Crossing, where she managed the affiliate channel and the buildout of offers.

    On a fun note, Rheya spends countless hours buying purses and watches online.

  • Pervaan Ahuja - Sr. Affiliate Manager

    A Sr. Affiliate Manager with years of experience working in the industry. He considers himself a man of principle - something not easily found on the internet and especially in this industry. Efficiency, forward thinking, and loyalty are just some of his core beliefs. Wasted time is his biggest pet peeve.

  • Altaf Ahmad - Director of Search Engine Optimization

    Altaf believes in doing things with new and creative flair. His objectives sounds very simple, to achieve and test the success throughout his life.

    Altaf has a strong background in marketing having worked in web design and development, sales and consumer research when he was younger right up to launching his own firm prior to the merger with Affiliate Crossing. He believes that you should never be put into a box which is what he loves about working with Affiliate Crossing as they allow him to work independently capitalizing on all his strengths and knowledge.

  • Ritesh Ranjan - Senior Technical Lead

    Ritesh is passionate about IT and Technical development including ICT (Information Communication Technology) databases, data design and platform architecture. Prefers big problems over small details, but will patiently work out any kinks in code if needs be.

    Besides coding, his free time is spent on rock climbing, beer tasting and travelling. So when his brain needs a few days of downtime you'll find him abroad, either climbing or enjoying the sun.

    When asked nicely, Ritesh will introduce you to open stack and programming tricks and IT development. he loves sharing tips, tricks and (anti)patterns. His favorite tip: "Don't be overly enthusiastic about any language or tool; it will soon turn out to be not so fantastic."

  • Raghunath Ram Tripathi - Marketing and Communications

    As an entrepreneur, Ram has an intuitive ability to identify and capitalize on new market opportunities and aggressively employing new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies to achieve the desired result. Significant experience in starting and scaling start-ups, new product development, strategic resource planning, execution & implementation of marketing and business strategies & plans.

    With over countless years of deep sales, market research and advertisement experience in IT services, Ram is a top-rated computer and information systems specialist with in-depth knowledge of organizing, maintaining, developing and implementing information systems and software to enable organizations to stay competitive in a fast-paced, high tech environment.


Our Story

Affiliate Crossing unchains the power of communication, date and transparency to provide top-notch online marketing where, every day, the customer becomes the hero.

Affiliate Crossing is an innovative full-service advertising, digital, affiliate and performance marketing agency, working hard to minimize CPA and maximize sales and exposure. As one of the top ranked digital performance marketing agencies, Affiliate Crossing takes pride in providing publishers and advertisers with professional and observant account management.


The world we live in changes rapidly with every passing day, and because of this, the way we market changes too. With offices in both the United States and India, Affiliate Crossing is one of the quickest growing private networks, offering exclusive affiliate program management while focusing on the lead generation industry. We are a highly reputed CPA network with a team of highly experienced and long-term marketing professionals, helping to deliver outstanding service to our publishers and advertisers.

At Affiliate Crossing, we have invested in digital marketing to incorporate strategies that will motivate people to click and see what we can do for them. We offer innovation and provide the tools and strategies to help you stick out from the rest. Why conform to someone else when you were born to stand out?

If we’ve garnered your attention and your interest, please feel free to contact us – we don’t bite.